Saturday 27 October 2012
The Food and Drink Show
The global struggle for food and water
In every corner of the globe corporations are polluting, diverting, pumping and wasting our limited supply of fresh water. The rampant overdevelopment of agriculture, housing and industry increases the demand for fresh water far beyond the finite supply, resulting in the growing desertification of the earth. At the same time corporate giants force developing countries to privatise their water supply. Military control of water emerges, and a new geo-political map is being created, setting the stage for water wars. ■ Directed by Sam Bozzo. ■ Running time: 90 minutes

WEDNESDAY 9 MAY, 2012 Ordinary Fascism (1965) A unique opportunity to see this acclaimed documentary essay by the Soviet director Mikhail Romm about the rise and fall of Italian and German fascism. The film shows the everyday life of German people as well as the horrors of war and fascist barbarism, including rare material selected from hundreds of hours of newsreel and previously unseen archives. Note: The film contains scenes that some people might find too distressing. Written by Mikhail Romm, Maya Turovskaya, and Yuri Hanyutin Directed and narrated by Mikhail Romm Running time: 129 minutes