Something in the Water & K2 and the Invisible Footmen


The Progressive Film Club’s May free screening:   3pm To Help Us – 2mins Labour-themed short, first shown at the Workers Unite Film Festival in NYC.   3.02pm Through the Wall – 6mins Donald Trump talks about building a wall but there’s one there already. A short documentary about a family divided by the US/Mexico […]

At 3:00 pm
New Theatre, Temple Bar, Dublin

Je Suis Russia, The Asylum Market & Money Puzzles


A collection of modern documentaries highlighting the major misconceptions of our time; Money, Immigration and Foreign Lands. Dublin's free political cinema presents it's March 2017 screenings: Je Suis Russia, The Asylum Market & Money Puzzles

At 3:00 pm
The Pearse Centre, 27 Pearse Centre, Dublin 2

The Ghosts of Jeju & Brainwashing My Dad


Jen Senko, a documentary filmmaker, looks at the rise of right-wing media through the lens of her WWII vet father who changed from a life-long, non-political Democrat to an angry, right-wing fanatic after his discovery of talk radio on a lengthened commute to work.

At 2:00 pm
The New Theatre, 43 Essex St E, Dublin

Cuban Film Festival 2016 Launch & Never Ever Neverland Screening


One of the saddest events in the history of Cuban society was Operation Peter Pan, the bitter exodus to the United States of more than 14,000 Cuban children who traveled there alone between 1960 and 1962, Film maker Marina Ochoa tries to unravel the confused history and to shine a light on what really happened.

At 7:00 pm
The Ireland Institute, 27 Pearse Street, D2
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