Je Suis Russia, The Asylum Market & Money Puzzles

A collection of modern documentaries highlighting the major misconceptions of our time; Money, Immigration and Foreign Lands. Dublin's free political cinema presents it's March 2017 screenings: Je Suis Russia, The Asylum Market & Money Puzzles


25/03/2017 - 3:00 pm


25/03/2017 - 5:30 pm


The Pearse Centre, 27 Pearse Centre, Dublin 2   View map

Dublin’s free political cinema presents it’s March 2017 screenings:

3pm    Je Suis Russia (2016)
Director: Regis Tremblay  (40mins)

The director makes a voyage of discovery around present-day Russia to listen to what ordinary people think about subjects such as the possibility of war, their president and other topics. He discovers that Russians, like most people want peace and harmony in the world. They do not want to dominate. They want respect and a place at the table. They are resisting US attempts to dominate and create a unipolar world. Their vision is for a multipolar world.



3.45pm     The Asylum Market (2016)
Brass Moustache Films  (25mins)

The Asylum Market, exposes the dire conditions that asylum seekers in Britain suffer in accommodation provided by security firm G4S. The film is so damning that its producer, Mark Donne, said the BBC refused to broadcast it following G4S lobbying.


4.15pm          Money Puzzles (2016)
Director: Michael Chanan  (58mins)

Money Puzzles addresses the misunderstandings about money and debt to be found in both the media and everyday life. It questions the  falsehoods and distortions of the economics on which austerity politics is based.

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