Why Do They Fear Us?

Why Do They Fear Us?

For those who follow the Trinity College Alumni, Arely Miranda González, you may be interested in this IndieFest Winner.
The synopsis is as follows:

“A Mexican traveler embarks on a journey to China to understand why the Western world fears this rising dragon. Overcoming linguistic barriers and legal restrictions she meets young Chinese willing to make truthful revelations. They deconstruct misconceptions and portray an evolving China, where true blue communism no longer exists yet the Communist Party fails to represent the people During the course of filming, protests arose in Beijing, motivated by the Arab Spring. The interviewees bravely share their insights on the potential for political change in a country where freedom is relative. Their views are fascinating, eye-opening and courageous. Radical, conservative, patriotic, idealistic: they are the future of China. What will happen if this superpower takes a leading role in the world?”

With a running time of just over an hour this film is a great way to indulge in the hardship of peace. Check out the trailer below.

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